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Fully Licenced And Insured!

Many people hire different Landscapers and Groundskeepers interchangeably, but you might be surprised to know they all don't work the same way. In Magnolia Westchester Landscaping, we aren't those Gardeners who finish the job before you open your front door. Our Goal is to get the job done and done right. That is why we work at our pace to increase perfection. From being a single weed on your driveway to that one leaf on your lawn, its our job to take care of it. Because its those details that make a difference and makes us different from the rest.


Landscapers do more than cut grass, plant shrubs, trim and cut trees. It's our job to create a healthy and safe enviroment for your Friends, Family and Pets. That is why we offer an organic and non-organic program including lawn feeding, weed control, fertilization, disease control, seeding, insect control & turf thickening for a Greener Lawn. 


You will absolutely be content with the work done on a week to week basis, whether it's mowing your lawn, redoing your lawn or garden, or cleaning up on the fall.


At Magnolia Westchester, We Issue Reliable Service For Quality Results. Giving You The "Home Turf" Advantage, Providing That "Distinction" From The Competition.

If you care about your trees and shrubs,

If you see your landscape as an investment,



Call Now For A Free Estimate  and Lawn Evaluation!

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