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Magnolia Lawn Care Program

  • A Tree & Shrub Evaluation customizing a plan for your lawn's needs

  • Proactive Services Provided at Key Stages throughout the Year

  • Fertilization

  • Disease Control

  • Tree and Shrub insect control


Lawn Renovation

Many lawns deteriorate from poor maintenance, inadequate drainage, heavy traffic, pest problems, weed invasions, or simply because the wrong grass species was planted. Let Us Help!


Lawn Mowing

At different times of the year the grass needs to be mowed at different heights. During the Spring and Fall Seasons due to ample moisture and low temperatures. 2-2 1/2 inches is an ideal mowing height . In the summer, research shows that if the grass is cut too short it can be killed, therefore for our area 3'' - 3 1/2'' is an ideal height.

Why do we mulch the grass?

Grass clippings are full of nitrogen and other nutrients. Removing them deprives the lawn of free fertilizer. Modern mulching mowers do an excellent job of grinding up grass into mulch, particularly when you mow off less than one-third of the grass’s height.


Landscape Installation & Maintenance 

  • Flowers 

  • Trees 

  • Shrubs

  • Topsoil Mulch 

  • Gravel Installation  


Trimming & Natural Pruning

Magnolia's Crew will keep your Flowers, Trim and Shrubs

Trimmed and Pruned to Enhance Plant Quality, influence Growth Rate, Improve Plant Health, Increase Longetivity and Giving OverGrown Shrubs An Aesthetic Appeal.

To Insure your Family Safety, Magnolia Will include the Removal of any Dangerous Tree Branches, Within our reach, on the Maintenance Plan.

Leaf Removal 

Let Us take care of the fall cleanup during October or November. We will thoroughly rake your yard to remove fallen leaves from your Property taking all the debris with us.

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